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We are an Experienced Debt Relief Law Firm Helping Nebraska and Iowa residents

When you’re unable to pay what you owe to creditors, working with an experienced debt relief attorney can help you overcome your financial challenges and move forward with confidence. Alhejaj and Associates, also known as A+ Law is committed to making a substantial difference for clients by advocating for them in bankruptcy. Having represented thousands of individuals in this area, we know how to solve tough problems and relieve the burden that weighs down people who have faced financial difficulty.  Serving as a trusted partner to people facing tough challenges.  

We combine compassion with high quality legal services

We believe the key to success is providing high quality legal services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our A+ BBB Rating shows that we care not only about our clients, but about how we operate our business.

This approach has led to a reputation in Nebraska and Iowa for giving each client:

  • Knowledgeable guidance — Whether you’re looking for effective debt relief, making estate planning decisions or seeking other advice, we go beyond the typical answers and pursue innovative solutions that accomplish your particular objectives.
  • Personal attention — Money problems don’t just affect your bank account, but the well-being of you and your loved ones. We give personal attention to every client so we can identify the best way to meet their needs and assure them that they are not facing their difficulties alone.
  • Cost-effective rates — Choosing to get back on your feet financially shouldn’t be a tough decision. Our firm maintains affordable rates so you can address past due payments without incurring a new financial burden.

By blending extensive knowledge of debt relief laws and compassionate counsel, our law firm delivers reliable representation that prepares clients for important life changes.

We do more than file bankruptcy

Delivering comprehensive legal counsel in the following practice areas:

  • Bankruptcy — You can rely on our firm for high-level representation in all types of bankruptcy matters, including Chapter 7 debt discharge actions, business bankruptcy proceedings and Chapter 13 repayment plan proceedings.
  • Wills + Probates  By providing solid advice on concerns relating to wills + estate planning, our attorney help clients develop sound plans that incorporate wills and other legal instruments. If you have been named as the executor or administrator of someone’s estate, our firm assists with a full range of probate tasks.
  • Foreclosure defense — If you’re at risk of losing your house through foreclosure or tax sale proceedings, we offer a wide array of methods to help you avoid that possibility. Whether a mortgage modification, bankruptcy filing, or other program works best, our firm is ready to assist.
  • Tax burdens — A delinquency in paying taxes puts you at the mercy of the Federal and State governments, who will go to the furthest extent to get what they are owed. Eventually, they can seize your assets and sell them in satisfaction of the debt you owe. Our attorney’s experience as a bankruptcy lawyer gives our clients more options to deal with their particular tax issues. If you are an individual, we may be able to give you a fresh start through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy filing.

Whatever your specific concern entails, we review the pertinent facts thoroughly and give you clear, honest advice on the best way to secure the result you seek.

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Alhejaj and Associates advises clients on bankruptcy filings as well as estate planning and probate matters. Please call 402-345-1717 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free consultation with our attorney. 

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