A bankruptcy case was filed in Florida by a number of related companies that essentially functioned as the management company for the Backstreet Boys musical group. Claims were filed by the Backstreet Boys totaling nearly three and half million dollars they alleged was owed to them by the former manager.

                Following a protracted dispute among numerous parties including record companies and only so much money left available, a settlement was recently entered into whereby the Backstreet Boys agreed to a settlement of less than one hundred thousand dollars, amounting to roughly three cents on the dollar.  The deal was signed off on by the bankruptcy trustee, various lawyers and each of the Backstreet Boys, Michael Oppenheim, Howard Dorough, Nickolas Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, and Alexander McLean. 

                I wonder if those signatures are worth anything as autographs. 

© David G. Hicks, Attorney at Law

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