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Cumulus Radio Out of Bankruptcy

After a little less than a year in Chapter 11, Cumulus Radio cut its debts almost in half in hopes for a successful reorganization. Cumulus Radio Emerges from Bankruptcy

Another piece of the healthcare crisis in America

It’s Sad when Hospitals are in the business of debt collecting… hospital-giant-discovers-that-collecting-debt-pays-better-than-curing-ills

New Year’s Resolution (2018)- Financial Fresh Start

Many people are starting to think about what will be their New Year’s Resolution. I don’t know why, but we all seem to gear up for the holidays and only start to think about resolutions as the calendar arbitrarily changes the year. We CAN and should make resolutions to make our lives better, and I […]

Implement Credit Monitoring of Some Form, and NOW!

Equifax Hack -what can you do?  See the Link below: https://www.fastcompany.com/40464740/after-the-equifax-hack-what-can-you-do-to-protect-yourself-not-much  

Prospect Mortgage Fined $416 Million for crisis-era FHA lending violations

While most of the country spent the early part of this week consumed by fireworks and consuming copious amounts of hot dogs and hamburgers, one mortgage lender found itself joining a list that includes Wells Fargo, Walter Investment, Freedom Mortgage, and many more. On Monday, the Department of Justice announced that Prospect Mortgage will pay more […]

So you want to discharge your student loans

A debtor seeking a COURT ORDER that his/her student loans are dischargeable bears the burden of proving that repayment of the loan will impose an undue hardship. To obtain this court order the debtor must file a bankruptcy case AND a separate lawsuit (known as an adversary proceeding) within the bankruptcy case to secure the […]

Common Questions about Credit Scores

FAQ: April 2017 Edition Q: Does my income and overall net worth drive my credit score? A: Not at all. Q: What does account for my score? A: Mostly it’s your record of paying installment and revolving credit on time, along with collection actions, civil judgments and tax liens lodged again you.  Bankruptcies, foreclosures, and […]

What’s in Your Wallet?

A new study was released last week that suggests 1 in 3 Americans would have difficulty coming up with $2,000 to deal with an emergency.  Despite the economy slowly coming back from the brink of disaster in 2007, unemployment steadily dropping, and many signs pointing to improving markets, the fact that so many Americans are […]


It is required that you have filed all of your tax returns prior to filing your bankruptcy case. You must identify all deposits in your bank accounts for the past 7 months. You are required to produce a statement from your bank that shows the balance(s) on the date of filing your case. If you […]

1099-c… Bankruptcy can help!

Did you know that is your debt is written-off, or canceled, you can owe taxes on the amount that is canceled?  See the IRS explanation here:  https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc431.html Bankruptcy can help. Even though you get a 1099-c, if you have a bankruptcy discharge or an ongoing Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan that has been approved by the […]


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