I heard on the news this morning that the Republican Governor of Tennessee and the Democratic President of the United States were jointly promoting a new program called the Tennessee Promise.  President Obama was in Knoxville, Tennessee today praising it and advocating that other states adopt similar programs.

            Essentially, it is that Tennessee will provide a scholarship covering the balance of tuition after other grants have been exhausted, essentially resulting in a free community college level education.  It appears that the requirements are that you must be a resident of Tennessee, be accepted into the college, have applied and used any other grants or scholarships for which you qualify, maintain a 2.0 GPA and do some minimal community service each semester.

            The money for this program comes from reserves from the state’s lottery.  Apparently the state has pledged $110 million to this program. One positive side effect that I didn’t hear anyone talk about is that this will reduce the burden of student loan indebtedness upon the graduates.

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