Grandpa Had A Bigger Paycheck

Citing statistics from the Census Bureau and a recent study by the Brookings Institute, AOL news reports the startling information that men earn less now than they did forty-three years ago. According to the data, a full time male worker in the USA earned an annual “average” of $51,649.00 in 1972. In 2014, that average had dropped to $50,382.00. This is a startling indictment of the “trickle down” school of economic thought, and bodes ill for the future of the American dream. Is there a chance that the great “silent majority” will rise up and elect leaders who will address middle class economic issues, or will the inanities of so called security walls, planned parenthood, and marriage licenses continue to dominate?
1972 was a long time ago. HBO came to television, rapper M & M was born, David Bowie became “Ziggy Stardust” and the popular video game was Pong; can you believe it. Richard Nixon and George McGovern competed for the presidency that year.
Isn’t it almost unbelievable that in this day and age of HD Big Screens, Taylor Swift, Grand Theft Auto and Ashley Madison adulterous web sites, that the average income for the average working man has declined?

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