Is it a SCAM???

Scammers are constantly out there, be aware of scams of all types, there are many types of fake bill collectors. It is a good reminder to follow your instincts, if a creditor is being a bully, or very aggressive and insisting on instant payment and information, it likely isn’t a valid collection. You can and should always ASK FOR WRITTEN VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT, to be mailed to your home address. The collector should have your home address, DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, this includes NOT giving your social security number, your home address, or employment address.

YOU CANNOT BE PUT IN JAIL FOR OWING DEBTS. Your creditors must comply with Fair Debt Collection Practices and should be able to explain to you those practices. If you are UNSURE, DO NOT KEEP TALKING TO THE COLLECTOR, you should hang up the phone and contact the better business bureau or the secretary of state fraud division.

Here is a Useful link and instructions on fraud alerts if you believe you are a victim of fraud or identity theft:

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