Our firm has – for more than twenty-five years – consistently advocated for the highest standards of professionalism in bankruptcy law.  To us, competent representation of our clients requires thorough knowledge of the law and the ability and willingness to zealously advocate and fight for them.  We have believed from day one that it’s just as important as any other area of law practice.  

            In 1992, the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Commercial Law League of America teamed up and formed the American Bankruptcy Board of Certification, now called “ABC”.  To earn one of ABC’s Specialty Certificates, lawyers had to meet many rigorous standards including a written examination at Georgetown University in Washington DC.  Oliver Pollak and David Hicks were in that initial group of certified specialists and the first two lawyers in Nebraska to attain that distinction.  Over the years, our lawyers have received national recognitions for this dedication to professionalism.

            NOW THERE IS MORE NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR OUR FIRM.  Mr. David G. Hicks was nominated and just selected by the American Board of Certification of Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Attorneys (“ABC”) to serve a three year term on its Board of Directors.  ABC is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Mr. Hicks will serve on the Standards Committee, which oversees certification standards.

            Our lawyers have had numerous occasions for professional involvement and recognition at a national level over the years, in addition to serving as President (Neb.) and other offices in the Nebraska and Iowa Bankruptcy Bar Associations. They have had dozens of legal articles accepted for publication in professional journals and legal publications throughout the country.

            Every year for the past 15 years our firm’s lawyers have been asked to be Nebraska’s contributing editors to a respected nationwide publication on bankruptcy exemptions for all 50 states. Mr. Hicks and Ms. Roxanne Alhejaj will again be serving in that capacity again for 2015.  Ms. Alhejaj just completed a year serving on the NSBA Leadership Academy.  Mr. Hicks served a two year term as one of two bankruptcy law practitioners in the United States on the Editorial Advisory Board of the American Bankruptcy Law Journal, a quarterly journal put out by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. 

            We are gratified and humbled by the recognition we have received.  It is this reputation we consider and put on the line every time we take on a client’s case. 

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