Some Nebraska state senators, at the behest of Appleseed and other organizations, are conducting studies and hearings into whether Nebraska’s refusal to join in the Medicare expansion portion of Obamacare has hurt the state economically, especially its small towns. Evidence is being produced that a significant number of bankruptcies are filed because of medical debt; medical debts that might not exist if the Medicare program extension existed to cover them.

                Then, because these “medical” bankruptcies are filed, other merchants who were otherwise being paid – such as small town retail stores – are dragged into the case and don’t get paid either. Eventually, this could be an even bigger impact if as a result of enough times of not being paid, small town merchants also have to start filing bankruptcy. 

                Governor Heineman supported Nebraska opting out of the Obamacare Medicare expansion. Appleseed supports Nebraska joining in.  The merchants don’t like having their accounts wiped out in “medical” bankruptcies.  The poor are kind of just caught in the middle.                  

                It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It will be interesting to see what incoming Governor Ricketts does. 

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