Last spring, Dave Ramsey invited my wife and I down to Franklin, Tennessee where we participated in a series of meetings that Dave and his team were having for law firms that were interested in “teaming up” with his organization. We had a number of business sessions and then had a fine evening, personally meeting Dave and his wife at their home. I decided that this was a partnership that we should share with our clients, as there were no other firms from Nebraska involved.

            Here’s how it works.  Virtually every single individual who ends up needing to file any kind of a bankruptcy is required by law to take two quick and easy on-line courses about financial management.  I call them the “ticket in” and the “ticket out”. The first one is really called a “budget analysis briefing” and must be taken shortly before you file; this is the ticket in. There are several of these financial counselors that are approved and accepted by the Court.  We give all of our clients a list of those approved providers so that they can choose the one that best fits their schedules or needs. 

            The second one – the one I call the ticket out – is called a “financial management instructional course” and must be completed after your case if filed, but prior to the Court granting your discharge.  The discharge is the Court Order that relieves you of your debts, the primary reason most people file.   This ticket out course is a little different than the first one and is designed to give you useful and pragmatic information about rehabilitating your credit and about life after bankruptcy.  Dave Ramsey is now approved by Nebraska’s Bankruptcy Court to be one of those “financial management instructional course “service providers.

            Dave Ramsey – in case you don’t already know – specializes in credit rehabilitation and life after bankruptcy.  He has a nationwide audience for his radio and television shows, has numerous bestselling books and operates “Financial Peace University”.  He has a wealth of personal experience as he and his wife had to file bankruptcy a number of years ago, so it’s not just academic knowledge that he provides.

            My firm decided to “team up” with Dave Ramsey and his team.  We regularly refer our clients to his organization for the “ticket out” of bankruptcy financial management course. He has given us a large supply of his recent book, so all of our clients taking his course get a free copy to keep.  Pollak, Hicks & Alhejaj – and Ramsey – has proven to be a good “partnership.  Virtually all of our clients have reported being happy with this arrangement. If debt problems are weighing you down, please come see us for a free consultation.

By: David G. Hicks, Managing Partner of Pollak, Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C.

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