According to Patch.com Staff Writer Daniel Hubbard, what’s cooking is that co-hosts of the “Kitchen Cousins” home improvement TV Show John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino each filed personal bankruptcy in New Jersey after losing a law suit against them for shoddy renovation, fraud and breach of contract on a New Jersey house that once belonged to New York Yankee pitcher Don Mattingly. HGTV was not a party to the lawsuit.

According to Mr. Hubbard, Northjersey.com reported that homeowners Robert and Peng Avery won a judgment for $860,000.00 against Messrs. Colaneri and Carrino. The lawsuit apparently alleged that the Averys paid Colaneri and Carrino’s construction company $211,000.00 and despite sheetrock gaps, ductwork and plumbing work that was either improperly installed or incomplete, the project was abandoned and then they were lied to about the house passing inspection.

If this is true, it will be interesting to follow the bankruptcy case to see what’s cooking from time to time. Damages resulting from fraud are typically not dischargeable in bankruptcy so an open question is how much, if any, of the $860,000.00 judgment is attributable to fraud. Another question would seem to be should these “cousins” have been defendants in their personal capacity, will they appeal that issue, and if an appeal were to be successful, will the bankruptcy cases then be dismissed?

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