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Financial Relief for Individuals and Businesses

At Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C., our mission is to provide effective and efficient representation using a high-quality team approach.

We have been offering bankruptcy services to the people and businesses of Nebraska and Iowa for more than 30 years, and we know that experience and relationships are crucial to achieving a successful bankruptcy filing.

Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to helping the people of Nebraska & Iowa with a temporary financial crisis or with planning for the future. Our attorneys have helped thousands of individuals, business and families in Omaha and throughout Nebraska restart their lives without the burden of excessive debt.  We also help people in protecting their assets through personalized Estate Planning.

Our bankruptcy attorneys are highly-regarded amongst their peers and are often asked by out-of-state attorneys for advice on various aspects of bankruptcy law.

“You have relieved a lot of stress from me. I greatly appreciate all the work you do.”

We welcome you to contact our office with your questions, your e-mail will be answered by a lawyer , or your call will be directed to a lawyer, at no charge.

If you are having financial problems of any kind, big or small, complicated or easy, contact us to come in and talk about it. We are conveniently located; the parking is free. Have a cup of coffee and have one of our fine lawyers lend a sympathetic ear. Usually we can come up with alternative suggestions as a solution to your legal problems.

It doesn’t have to be scary to meet with a lawyer, what it is like to meet with our office:

Your initial consultation, will be with a lawyer (not a staff person); the lawyer will discuss your legal issues with you at no charge. During this time, the lawyer will thoughtfully listen to your situation and you goals to give you a rough price estimate for the legal services we provide.  There is no obligation, and no pressure to pay unless you decide to hire us after the lawyer has finished your free consultation.

If you decide to proceed, the lawyer will take a small down payment, called a retainer, arrange an affordable payment plan, and start working on your case.

Once you have hired us, you will feel much lighter and less burdened. We have seen that happen over 15,000 times in the past 30 years.

Until you have talked to us and learned what we can help you with–

  • Don’t close down your business
  • Don’t let your home go into foreclosure
  • Don’t surrender another paycheck
  • Don’t lose your car
  • Don’t get sued
  • Don’t continue to be garnished
  • Don’t pay one more cent to your bill collectors

In your time of financial distress, our attorneys and staff are focused and attentive to your goals.

We have a well-trained, friendly staff that will then help you navigate the process, help with the required paperwork and along with your lawyer, the staff is available to take your calls.  They will help ensure that your paperwork gets prepared accurately and completely, and that you are well-informed along the way.   You will also have one of our lawyers with you every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on personal and professional services.

At Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C., our attorneys and our support staff are efficient and responsive and will always treat you with kindness and respect.

We make the effort to return every phone call or e-mail in a timely manner and answer all of your questions accurately, thoroughly and quickly.

Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C. will ensure that you are in good hands on your way to financial relief.

The attorneys of Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C. help clients overcome difficult financial problems and give them the tools they need to preserve and maintain their new found financial freedom. In a larger sense, we offer our clients hope for a new future and a chance for a better life ahead.

For a FREE initial consultation with Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C., call 402-401-4916. We can also be contacted online. We serve clients in Lincoln, Omaha, Council Bluffs and other communities throughout Nebraska and Iowa.


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